2 thoughts on “Bridges

  1. Biden’s plans will cost us in the neighborhood of $4 trillion dollars over a period of years.
    Moscow Mitch has stated repeatedly that not a single Republican will vote for any of Joe’s plans and to forgetabout raising taxes on the rich and corporations.

    The Republicans, who represent the oligarchs and plutocrats, are ‘most’ afraid of economic equity and wealth equality.

    Moscow Mitch stated it this way,
    “Families did not ask for divisive nonsense.
    Voters did not vote for it.
    Americans never decided our children should be taught that our country is inherently evil.”

    That the sort of demagoguery could only come from a died-in-the-wool Capitalist defending the incalculable wealth of her or his patrons, the rich.
    All sides, except of course the wealthy, are demanding equity and equality.

    This country has never been all that stable, at least in the sense of rainbows and unicorns.
    Every 20 odd years we have depression and war.
    With economic equity and wealth equality the US would be a more stable and humane place going forward.

    Change is difficult.
    Currently the robber barons can see the change train coming down the track headed in their direction and they’re feeling mighty uncomfortable.

  2. Ironic that the Ohio River is owned by Kentucky adjacent Cincinnati, the Cincinnati airport is miles into Kentucky, and Kentucky does not want to help fund replacement of the heavily traveled bridge for a combined I-71 (Cleveland to Louisville) and I-75 (Canadian border in northern Michigan to near Miami, Florida, via Cincinnati and Lexington, Kentucky). Ohio’s Republican Governor and legislature can do nothing but wait for the bridge to fail and sever the connection between the states.

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