No good deed goes unpunished

One thought on “No good deed goes unpunished

  1. Joe Biden was fully invested in criminal Bibi Netanyahu’s plan to degrade Hamas in an unprovoked war.
    Biden even promised Bibi $735 million in precision-guided weapons to help the cause.
    By the time Biden finally figured out that the butcher Bibi Netanyahu wasn’t going to end his unprovoked war on Hamas until he felt like it, it was too late for poor old Joe.
    Bibi Netanyahu made Joe Biden look like a chump.

    For 70 years the U.S has given Israel whatever it’s wanted—–nuclear weapons, wars, iron domes, etc.—–no questions asked.

    Consequently the Muslims dislike and mistrust the US, and Israel ignores us.

    “Quiet, behind the scenes diplomacy,” means that nobody on either side really gives a crap what the United States thinks.

    That is the place where 70 years of pro-Zionist, Democratic and Republican warmongering has brought us to.

    Great job you right wing, warmongering pinheads.

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