2 thoughts on “Sure, Mitch

  1. January 6 was a specific and unique event in American History. JFK assassination. 9-11.

    “The successful revolutionary is a statesman, the unsuccessful one is a criminal.”
    Erich Fromm, 1941. (Fromm, a Jew, fled Nazi Germany in the early ’30s.)

    Trump is a criminal.

    The “Big Lie” Party already knows that that Trump is a criminal.
    The January 6 commission will reveal just how big a criminal Trump really is.
    Any Republican who had a hand in bringing about the events of January 6 will also be ferreted out as the criminals they are. (Hawley, Cruz)
    “Big Lie” Kevin and Moscow Mitch are scared to death about a January 6 commission exposing the “Big Lie” Party for the criminal enterprise that it is.

    As Baretta always said, “If you can’t do the time, don’t do the crime.”

  2. So why not name a nonpartisan commission, a la Challenger: we don’t have Richard Feynman, but we still have Ed Witten. Maybe Rudy Marcus, he’s way old and retired. Maybe Alan Page too, NFL hall of fame defensive end and Minnesota Supreme Court Justice, knows the Law, (and definitely can lay it down) and retired, too. Oh yeah, snap! Academics and intellectuals generally, are heavily weighted to the left.

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