Fingers crossed

2 thoughts on “Fingers crossed

  1. This just in: Republicans willing to negotiate in good faith.

    Don’t cross those fingers too hard, might do yourself harm …

  2. It’s long past time to solve the Israel/Palestine problem.

    Israel must negotiate with all of the Palestinians and that means talking to both Fatah and HAMAS.

    A two-state solution is now impossible because over the past 25 years Netanyahu and his Likud Party have constructed 137 illegal Israeli settlements throughout the West Bank.
    A contiguous and autonomous Palestinian State in the West Bank is unworkable because of the Israeli settlement construction.
    Then there’s the matter of incorporating Gaza into the new Palestinian State.

    The only solution left to the world is a one-state solution.
    Each and every person living in the West Bank and Gaza must become a full Israeli citizens with all of the rights that that implies.
    Including the right to vote.

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