One thought on “The media remains the problem

  1. A not so transparent WH is also a problem.

    “Two-state” Joe Biden crossed his fingers and his toes hoping against hope that the Levant would stay quiet during his first term as president.
    Sorry about your luck, Joe.

    The following is “two-state” Joe Biden’s plan for the Levant.
    1. Prop up the failed politician Bibi Netanyahu.
    2. Prop up the failed politician Abu Mazen (Abu Abbas).
    3. Ignore Hamas.

    “Two-state” Joe Biden’s plan also calls for immediately rescheduling the Palestinian elections and reconstructing Gaza without the help of Hamas (who runs the place).
    Oh, and pushing for the discredited “two-state solution.”

    All-in-all “two-state” Joe Biden’s plan for Middle East peace is even worse then Trumps plan was and Trumps plan was an utter failure.

    Tony Blinken, Ron Klain, Chris Coons and “two-state Joe Biden, all need to go back to the drawing board and create a new plan for ME peace and do it pronto.

    If they do not then the next war between Israel and Hamas will be a 6 front war.

    1. Hamas will attack from the south.
    2. The West Bank will explode.
    3. Jerusalem will explode.
    4. Hezbollah will attack from the north.
    5. Syrian forces will attack from the east.
    6. A civil war will erupt in Israel.

    Additionally, anti-Semitic attacks on both Jewish and Muslim citizens in America will increase dramatically.

    Warmonger Netanyahu, his warmongering Likud Party, and the rest of Israel’s Fascists must be defeated at the polls.

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