Reclamation project

As I mentioned a few months back, my Subaru was on its last legs. Bingo! The transmission control module went, which is maybe a couple thousand dollars to replace. So I haven’t had a drivable car for over a month.

My ex-BIL was working on fixing up the ’97 Honda Accord his kid rolled into a ditch a year or so ago, and once it was ready, I made the 65-mile, three-hour trek out there to pick it up.

That was Friday, and I am still exhausted. For one thing, I’m still not used to being out of the house. For another, there’s a hole in the muffler and a mold problem in the vents which I am trying to address with vinegar and tea tree oil. (I might have to do a fundraiser to get this done professionally. Sorry!)

But the car handles like a dream and the seats are really comfortable. My XBIL says the engine is in great shape and will last forever. And for the time being, I have dependable wheels. Hallelujah.