One thought on “Is that a bad thing?

  1. So if we make certain that people have enough money to pay their rent, feed and cloth
    themselves, and receive adequate medical care we could eliminate despair and replace it with hope?

    Democrat Melanie Stansbury beat the “Big Lie” Party’s Mark Moore in a special election held in New Mexico’s 1st district yesterday by 25 percentage points (60% to 35%).
    That will be the fate of most of the Big Lie” Party’s elected officials in 2022.

    Why the ruling elite in the “Big Lie” Party thought that Trumps life long losing streak would end once he became the president is a mystery.
    Throughout his life every endeavor that Trump entered into ended in bankruptcy or failure.
    So why did the “Big Lie” Party’s controlling elite think that Trumps takeover of the old Republican Party would end up any differently?

    At night, after dark those controlling the “big Lie” Party shed their human skin and parade around like the reptilians that they are.

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