One thought on “Panhandle Slim… Art for Folk…

  1. Racist, Zionist, bigot and future prime minister of Israel Naftali Bennett said yesterday that, “An Iranian nuclear bomb is a threat for the continuation of the ‘Zionist project’, and we must fight it relentlessly.”

    Energy Secretary Jennifer Granholm is out pushing for the construction of ‘baby nukes’.

    On a video link with Bill Gates, Wyoming Senator John Barrasso and Wyoming Governor Mark Gordon 0n Wednesday, Energy Secretary Granholm, referring to next-generation, small nuclear power plants, said, “The future of nuclear energy is here.”

    Is it? When did that happen?

    Does Joe Biden intend to build lots of small nuclear power plants all over America?
    Or is Granholm acting as a free-agent?
    In either case we have a problem.

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