One thought on “Panhandle Slim… Art for Folk…

  1. There is a severe heat wave in mid-west corn country which is negatively impacting the crop.
    There won’t be enough corn on the market to meet demand, so the price of corn will be inflated and rise.

    Cartels like OPEC and OPEC+ don’t have a supply and demand problem because the cartel keeps the price of oil within a narrow trading range. All things being equal.
    Because of the pandemic nobody was using much oil so the price dropped.
    These days the demand has increased but the managed supply is stable so the price is going up.

    Most economists, especially those appearing on FOX, Newsmax, OAN, CNN and MSNBC, are disingenuous because they are being paid for their economic opinions and not for their actual economic knowledge.
    Besides they’re all Capitalists with a single frame of reference and an ax to grind.

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