One thought on “Closer

  1. Will Weasel-berg, a practicing Jew, flip on Trump before or after he attends Temple?
    Or will Weasel-berg keep his mouth shut like Bugsy Segal and Meyer Lansky did?

    Speaking about people of the Jewish persuasion, Florida’s Fascist Governor Ron DeSantis did them all a solid on Monday.
    DeSantis signed two bills written specifically for Jews.
    Well, not all Jews….Orthodox Jews only.

    One law requires that all Florida “public” schools to set aside one or two minutes a day for “silent meditation.” Go Evangelical Christians.
    The other law allows Hatzalah’s—private ambulance company’s—-the right to operate without government interference including the payment of any licensing fees or licensing requirements. Do the Amish have a deal like that?

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