One thought on “The Truman Capote of politics

  1. Bill Maher’s perspective is rooted in white privilege. He was born that way.

    Right wing, propagandist and anti-Progressive Peggy Noonan applauded Maher for his stand against Progressive “wokeness and the cancel culture.”
    Like Maher, Noonan is a product of white privilege.

    According to conservatives the Progressives want a great leap forward.
    Conservatives want to slow things down because “we’ve already made such tremendous progress.”

    The bulk of Bill Maher’s opinions, like Noonan’s, are irrelevant to reality.

    During his eight and a half minute diatribe Maher refers to Progressives as the “woke” “cancel-culture” thus putting his ignorance on display.
    Those are concepts invented by Fascist think tanks like the Heritage Foundation which only shit-heads like Maher and Tucker Carlson use.

    Maher never referred once during his right wing rant about the fact that just one short year ago George Floyd was lynched in Minneapolis, Minnesota.

    Is that the sort of progress that you, Noonan, FOX, and The Wall Street Journal are speaking about, Bill?

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