Silver linings playbook

I know the Dems aren’t perfect. But the focus for the next year HAS to be getting a bigger, more dependable majority to pass statehood and expand SCOTUS, because if not, we’re fucked.

2 thoughts on “Silver linings playbook

  1. The Robert’s Court has become the champion of dark money and of voter suppression and nullification.

    The US Supreme Court’s decent into illegitimacy began with the Roberts “Citizen United” decision in 2010.

    The Roberts Court doubled down on that atrocious and anti-democratic decision by ruling yesterday that California’s dark money discloser law was unconstitutional.

    The Roberts Court also ruled yesterday that the voter suppression and nullification clauses written into the Arizona election law were perfectly legal.

    In 1856 Chief Justice Roger B. Taney’s Court ruled in the Dred Scott case that Black people had no rights under the Constitution.
    Once a slave, always a slave according to Taney.

    History hasn’t been at all kind to Catholic, White Supremacist from the slave state of Maryland Roger B. Taney.
    Taney’s Dred Scott decision has been roundly condemned, as has Taney himself, and for very good reason.
    Just the other day the House voted to finally remove racist Roger B. Taney’s statue from the US Capitol.

    John Roberts is fast approaching Taney’s sorry status in the eyes of the American people.

  2. You are right, but, do you really believe Dems have the balls to expand SCOTUS? Maybe also kill the filibuster? Seriously? No doubt supported by President Manchin,

    We have a Dem Pres who is still bombing foreign countries with whom we are not at war. Unconstitutionally. Supported by Dem congressional leadership and most members. He’s still supporting fossil fuel infrastructure development. We’re being told to forget about a $15 wage, significant student debt forgiveness, lowering Medicare to 60. In other words, shut up and support the pathetically inadequate, bipartisan infrastructure package.

    Meanwhile, Dem poobahs like Hill and Clyburn are actively campaigning against popular (i.e. winning) progressive candidates in their primaries. Anything to stop anyone who supported Bernie.

    If the Dems don’t use reconciliation to pass a very significant second “human infrastructure” bill with immediate benefits for voters, supported by tax increases for the obscenely wealthy, the mid-terms will be a bloodbath. Holding my breath ……..

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