One thought on “Do it

  1. Issuing subpoenas is one thing, but being willing to enforce them is quite another.

    The investigation into the role that the Right played in the attempted coup on January 6 appears to be expanding.

    Within the last few days we learned that the FBI had infiltrated (a new COINTELPRO?) a Bible Study group in Virginia which was making bombs while they read bible passages to one another.
    They intended to duplicate the events of January 6 on August 17.

    On Saturday the Massachusetts State Police discovered two vehicles full of a heavily armed Moorish separatists on their way to Maine for paramilitary training.

    Representative Benny Thompson and his select committee should take a deep dive into militias, the Sovereign Citizens movement and other separatist groups.

    They should also take a hard look at Republican Representative Paul Gosar of Arizona and his obvious ties to the attempted coup on January 6.

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