Weasels for hire

One thought on “Weasels for hire

  1. Who assassinated Haitian President Jovenel Moise?
    And was it a coup pulled off by Erik Prince?

    A large majority of Haitians, including the oligarchs and plutocrats, wanted to see Moise ‘gone’.

    Aside from being a corrupt, narcissistic, authoritarian, and friend of Trumps with visions of grandeur, Moise was incompetent.

    During his time in office Moise made a bad economic situation in his country exponentially worse.
    A philosopher in India once said that if the people get hungry enough they will eventually eat the rich.
    That time was fast approaching in Haiti.

    The Haitian people have a long history of relieving the ruling class of their duties beginning with the French in 1804.

    Another of Trumps pals has bitten the dust.
    Bolsonaro from Brazil and Modi from India are next in line.

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