One thought on “Panhandle Slim… Art for Folk…

  1. The people of Cuba are hungry and sick. Literally.

    “We stand with the Cuban people, ” said Joe Biden.
    Then why don’t you give the Cuban people food and medicine, Joe?
    Oh, that’s right, there’s a 60 year-old embargo in place that’s meant to starve the Cuban people into forcing regime change.

    With the help of the US, Castro deposed the dictator Batista on Jan.1, 1959.
    Over the next two years Castro nationalized Cuban industry and kicked the US Mafia out of the country much to the chagrin to American Capitalists and New York and Florida mobsters.
    On Jan. 3, 1961 Eisenhower broke relations with Cuba.
    In April 1961 Kennedy authorized the disastrous Bay of Pigs invasion. (With ships provided by the Bush family.)
    On Feb. 7, 1962 Kennedy placed a total embargo on Cuba. No food, no medicine, no nothing would go in or out the island. (Think Gaza.)

    The people of Cuba were prompted to protest in the streets last Sunday because they are hungry and sick of the US caused deprivation that they are suffering.

    Both Trump and Biden want regime change in Cuba just like every other president since Eisenhower.
    Answer us this Joe, who will replace President Miguel Diaz-Canel if regime change happens?
    There is no popular opposition leader in Cuba and there never has been.

    Biden should end the 60 year-old embargo today and feed the Cuban people that he cares so much about.
    Biden should end Trumps deplorable Cuban and Venezuelan policy today.
    Biden should stop listening to demagogues like Democratic Senator Bob Menendez (NJ) today.
    Biden should disabuse himself, and his party, of the idea that South Florida Cuban and Venezuelan-Americans will ever vote in the majority for the Democratic Party.
    They never have and they never will because they are Republican Capitalists tried and true.
    Obama was on the correct path Joe, and you should change your course today.

    And WTF is going on in Haiti, Joe???

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