The dirty hippies were right

One thought on “The dirty hippies were right

  1. The Big Lie Party’s Lindsey Graham, Tom Cotton, Ron Johnson, Moscow Mitch, Devin Nunes, Justin Amash, Kevin McCarthy, Liz Cheney and others in the Big Lie Party may not have participated directly in the attempted coup on Jan. 6, but they all had prior knowledge about it.

    Yet none of them ever informed the intelligence community about the knowledge that they had.

    By turning a blind-eye, the elected representatives of the Big Lie Party are individually and collectively responsible for the Jan. 6 attempted coup.
    And they’re trying to lie their way out of it.

    The coup plotters, coup participants (Hawley, Cruz, Brooks, Jordan, etc.) and those who remained silent about what they knew concerning the coup are all equally guilty.

    As Liz Cheney screamed, “You all fucking did this.”

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