Things I have learned about smoke this week

Did you know even with the air on, you can’t get away from the smoke? The only thing that worked for me was to install another HEPA filter in my living room. It was bad all week, but last night’s storm blew most of it away.

2 thoughts on “Things I have learned about smoke this week

  1. It’s pretty intense in central-east Minnesota;
    Graffito seen in Red Wing Minn. on a railroad car:
    Respect Existence or Expect Resistance

  2. Last year’s “Creek Fire”, the largest individual wildfire in California’s history, was four or five ridges East of here. Three days at the beginning (it went on for months) it was like night time outside mid day. After the air seemed to clear, there was still particulate matter in it, and I found my old balance issues from my stroke had returned and I had to stop walking up to the mill pond each day.
    Last week the air was hella smoky from another fire a few miles Southwest of here, and I hope the prevailing winds keep the particulate away and allow me my daily exercise.

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