Radical spending

One thought on “Radical spending

  1. “Low-income Americans are hurt most by runaway inflation,” says Erik Randolph, director of research for the right wing Georgia Center for Opportunity.

    What is the Capitalists (Big Lie Party) solution to so-called “runaway inflation?”

    What Capitalists want are “gains in productivity to lead to deflation” (lower prices).
    There are only a few ways to accomplish that goal considering that a company’s largest expense is the cost of its workers.

    A company must reduce its workforce. It can replace its workers with machines or distribute their workload among the remaining workers.
    A company can lower the pay of its workers by replacing higher paid workers with minimum wage workers.
    A company could move its operations overseas where wages are much lower.

    None of these remedies is worker friendly.
    But Capitalists couldn’t care less about the suffering workers because their own profits go up. (Think plantation owner.)

    American workers should be:
    paid at least $15 an hour,
    have Universal Health Care coverage (Medicare For All),
    and the first $36,000 of a workers pay should be exempt from federal income tax.

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