Keep pushing

Call your congressperson’s office:

One thought on “Keep pushing

  1. 41 congressional candidates running in 2022 in the Big Lie Party have either fully embraced QAnon or are QAnon sympathizers.
    9 of these QAnon candidates are running in Florida (which is good news for the Democrats), 8 are running in California, and 4 are running in Texas.
    100+ QAnon candidates ran for congress in 2020 and only 2 of them won, Marjorie Taylor Greene (GA) and Lauren Boebert (CO).

    To a person all these QAnon candidates believe that “the communist FBI is hunting down Jan. 6 patriots and blaming them for for the FBI’s False Flag operation” on that day.
    They also believe that the “deep state is waging a political persecution campaign against pro-Trump conservatives.”

    These right wing Big Lie Party lunatics are also convinced that the world is run by a cabal of Satan-worshiping pedophiles including “elitist Democrats, politicians, journalists, and Hollywood liberals.”

    That particular conspiracy theory is based on the activities of pedophile murderers John Wayne Gacy, Dean Corll, and John Norman, who all knew one another, and the Jeffery Epstein pedophile ring.

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