One thought on “Panhandle Slim… Art for Folk…

  1. Why do opinion-makers like David Brooks, Joe Scarborough, and other members of the Conservative, Capitalist intelligentsia keep repeating the myth that the Left thinks it is the “base” of the Democratic Party?

    Because they are not delusional, Progressives don’t see themselves as being the “base” of anything.
    They know full well that the Conservative, Capitalist, Establishment is the “base” of the Democratic Party.
    The Establishment controls the power and the money and it intend to hold onto both—-by any means necessary.

    The Fascists overthrew the corrupt Establishment in the now defunct Republican Party by threatening them with the loss of both their power and their money.

    Depending on the progress being made by the Conservative, Capitalist, Establishment “base” of the Democratic Party, the Left is either cooperative, antagonistic or absent.

    Corrupt degenerates like traitor Trump end up being elected president when the Left is deliberately absent because they were ignored and insulted by the Democratic Establishment.
    Jim Clayburn and Hakeem Jefferies should keep that in mind before they shoot their mouths off.

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