Tear stained letter

Back in 1990, I went with my brother to see Richard Thompson at the Tower Theater –or rather, my brother wanted to see Jean-Luc Ponty and I wanted to see Richard Thompson, who was the opening act.

Two guys sitting in back of us immediately started yelling “We want Jean Luc!” and carrying on during Thompson’s set; they were so loud, I couldn’t listen to the music. I turned around and asked them to keep it down. Instead, they got louder.

So I went and got a security guard. He was a weenie; he said to them, “Guys, this lady says you’re making a lot of noise. You’re not gonna do that anymore, right, fellas?” They said no, no, they weren’t going to make any more noise.

The guards left, and just as the band struck up this very song, these guys began kicking the back of my seat, hard.

Now, I have a famously long fuse, but I do have one. So I jumped up on my seat so I was facing them, leaned down and pointed my finger in their faces emphatically, yelling, “Shut. The. Fuck. Up!” They started yelling at me to get my finger out of their faces, and I kept repeating myself.

This eventually attracted the attention of the security guards. Guess who was asked to move? Anyway, I still love the song.