One thought on “Goody

  1. Joe Biden claims that he’s an institutionalist and that’s why he doesn’t support ending the filibuster.

    As the President, Joe Biden surely knows, or should know, that his predecessor traitor Trump attempted to overthrew the government that he swore an oath to protect in a coup on January 6.

    Why hasn’t the Executive Branch, institutionalist Joe Biden, already released every scrap of paper pertaining to the January 6 coup to the public? Unredacted.

    Attorney General Bill Barr resigned on December 15, 2020.
    It is impossible to believe that Barr was not aware of traitor Trumps planned coup on January 6 and that’s why he quit 3 weeks before the event.
    Where are the notes, memos and documents?

    The national security of the United States of America depends not on secrecy and Black Ops games, but on an informed public.

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