2 thoughts on “Joltin’ Joe

  1. Manchin claims that he’s opposed to passing the $3.5 trillion Human Infrastructure Bill because it might promote an “entitlement mentality.”

    An “entitlement mentality” is unacceptable to only two groups of people.
    The rich, and their corporatist twinkies like Manchin and Sinema (who by the way, is holding a fund raiser today with her Arizona millionaire and billionaire “friends” who are adamantly opposed to having their taxes increased).

    Biden’s $3.5 trillion Human Infrastructure Bill will expand health care including Medicare, begin to phase out fossil fuels (Manchin’s cash cow), fund an AA degree, etc., and best of all it, will increase taxes on the rich and corporate deadbeats.

    The $3.5 trillion bill will give “we the people” some of the “goodies” that we’ve always been “entitled to.”
    Things like healthcare and non-toxic air on a planet with a temperate atmosphere.

    Say Joe; how do you sleep ate night?
    Or don’t you care how corrupt you are?

    PS: Why is Pelosi in such a hurry to pass the $1.2 trillion hard Infrastructure Bill?
    It doesn’t make any sense unless she intends to shaft the Progressives by backing Manchin’s play.

  2. Pelosi was always going to fold and pressure the left to cave. Because that is what she does, and why she is valuable to the oligarchs and can raise so much money that no one can rival her for her leadership role. Manchin and Sinema were always going to hold out because they are getting mucho support, $$$, love and kudos from plutocrats and politicians on both sides of the aisle. Including Mitch.

    This is how our failed democracy works to defy the clear preferences of the public in favor of the wealthy.

    The only question has always been, will progressives defy Nancy and vote no in the infrastructure bill. Won’t be fooled again…….????!

    If they do all hell will break loose, with lots of Democrats and all the MSM excoriating the left for thwarting the wishes of their betters. Including, enthusiastically, NPR and public television (except Democracy Now).

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