I find this a little hard to believe

One thought on “I find this a little hard to believe

  1. Josh Hawley and Ted Cruz are each maneuvering for a presidential run in 2024.
    Both of them are co-conspirators in the January 6 attempted coup and traitors.
    Warmonger Tom Cotton, who is also testing the 2024 presidential waters, wants to end the presidential hopes of both Hawley and Cruz.
    Moscow Mitch is a double-dealing, scumbag and birds of a feather, like Cotton, always stick together.

    Another 2024 presidential hopeful, Fascist, warmonger Mike Pompeo, has been visiting Israel.
    Over the weekend Pompeo visited several illegal Israeli settlements in the occupied West Bank.
    During his tour Pompeo prodded the Israelis to build additional illegal settlements in the occupied territories in violation of UN resolutions, international law and longstanding US policy.

    Fascist, warmonger Mike Pompeo is just one more of traitor Trumps criminal hires out pandering for Jewish and Evangelical Christian votes.

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