2 thoughts on “Told you so

  1. Joe Liberman came out of the closet completed and admitted that he is a pro-Zionist, Republican in an opinion piece for The Hill entitled “beware the tea party of the left.”

    Lieberman represents one of the discredited Clinton corporatists of the 90’s.

  2. That he got help from Rove, et al, is a bit of a surprise. But the real scandal is how the institutional Dem party and some surprising NPOs got behind Lieberman against the will of the people of Connecticut.

    National Planned Parenthood and NARAL supported Gurney Joe (https://althouse.blogspot.com/2006/07/rape-gurney-joe.html) against Ned, ignoring completely the expressed opposition of their Connecticut affiliates. Sniveling, obsequious, DC cocktail party going, wholly owned whores of the Dem establishment conventional wisdom. “Women’s rights, you say? We have to destroy women’s rights in order to save them. Right?”

    All because the Dems didn’t want another opponent of the war in their ranks in the Senate. But they loved war monger, Zionist, Isreal uber alles Joe. Who was elected as an independent with lots of Republican support and went on to kneecap Obama on health care reform, a la Simancha today.

    Fool me once…oooh that was fun. Just do it again….and again…..

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