One thought on “Panhandle Slim… Art for Folk…

  1. >Stanley Hubbard a billionaire Republican donor donated $54oo to Senator Sinema in September.
    How much Hubbard donated to Joe Manchin has not yet been made public.
    “Those are two good people–Manchin and Sinema–and I think we need more of those in the Democratic Party,” Hubbard told the NYTimes recently.

    >Elon Musk and Lauren Boebert (CO) teamed up yesterday on twitter to criticize Joe Biden’s IRS plan.
    F***en Fascists.

    >The CBO says that the BBB Bill will add $30 billion each year to the deficit.
    How much of the proposed $738 billion military budget will be added to the deficit each year?
    What if that amount is $100 or $200 billion?
    Will Manchin and the other Blue Dog moderates shrink the size of the military spending bill or increase taxes on the rich to pay it?

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