One thought on “Panhandle Slim… Art for Folk…

  1. ***Joe Biden spent Thanksgiving scarfing down turkey(?) at the palatial palace of Fascist, billionaire David Rubenstein.

    What’s that all about?
    Breaking bread with one of America’s most dangerous Fascists seems mighty odd??

    ***The Senate needs to pass a voting rights bill pronto.

    The states controlled by the Republican Big Lie Party are moving rapidly to restrict the voting rights of US citizens in a number of ways including partisan gerrymandering.

    If passing a bill to protect the voting rights of US citizens requires the suspension or elimination of the Senate’s filibuster rule then so be it.
    Manchin, Sinema and the other 46 Democrats and 2 Independents need to do it post

    ***5 bigoted Democratic Senators, Krysten Sinema (AZ) and Mark Kelly (AZ), Jon Tester (Montana), Mark Warner (VA) and Jon Hickenlooper (CO), are opposing Biden’s nominee to be the Comptroller of the Currency Saule Omarova.
    What narrow-minded bastards.

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