One thought on “Huh

  1. It makes you wonder how many Confederate agents were running around spying on the Union in their street clothes?
    Biden ended the War in Afghanistan and the warmongers among us are continually making up excuses for why we spent a trillion dollars and lost the lives of thousands of American just so that they could line their pockets with blood money.
    It is impossible to defeat an insurgency unless you kill every last insurgent and their families.
    Hitler knew that and so did US warmongers whose game was always war profiteering.
    Which is why contractors outnumbered US troops in Afghanistan by 2+ to one.
    Were the contractors supporting the US troops or were US troops protecting the contractors?

    Then there’s this kind of bullshit coming from the warmongers.

    Anytime a NATO country suggests that Ukraine become a member of NATO the Russians will mass tens of thousands of Russian troops along its border with Ukraine.
    That’s a given.

    That said, there are oligarchs in Ukraine, friends of Trump and Putin, who would like to replace the pro-western President Zelensky.
    They want Ukraine to steer a more independent and neutral course between the US and Russia then Zelensky is willing to do.

    Moving US troops and/or US advisors into Ukraine is an idiots move.

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