Another evangelical hypocrite found guilty

He was the front man for the Family Research Council, their liaison with young evangelicals and also a confessed child molester. But Republican Jesus saves!

One thought on “Another evangelical hypocrite found guilty

  1. FOX, Newsmax, OAN and the Evangelical Christian churches are largely responsible for the breakdown in the public discourse today.

    Traitor Trump and his Republicans have succeeded in convincing roughly 1/3rd of the American people that autocracy (Fascism) is the only way to govern America.
    Especially if traitor Trump is the chief-autocrat-in-charge.

    The Republican Fascists and their highly paid propagandists at FOX, Newsmax and OAN have convinced 1/3rd of the American people that autocracy is superior to democracy.
    For that they should be condemned, and the Republican Party disbanded.

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