2 thoughts on “Huh

  1. The Fascist Republicans seem all spun up about street crime in our major cities, but they don’t appear the least bit concerned with the fact that traitor Trump and half of the Republican Party committed treasonous acts on and before January 6.

    Republicans claim to be law and order advocates, but what they really are are bulls*** artists.

  2. Krysten Sinema is a halfwit whereas Republican Liz Cheney does have one redeeming quality.
    Cheney believes that attempting to overthrow the government (by coup) is un-Constitutional.

    Cheney has absorbed enough American history to recognize that the colonists decided 250 years ago that they no longer wanted to be ruled by tyrants, kings and autocrats like traitor Trump.

    Although the rest of the Republican Party has gone through the looking glass, Representative Liz Cheney has kept her head screwed on tight.
    Good for her.

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