Garland speaks

One thought on “Garland speaks

  1. AG Garland has done a credible job in identifying and bringing to justice the foot soldiers (700+ so far) involved in the attempted coup on January 6.

    But with the exception of Fascist anarchist Steve Bannon, Garland hasn’t laid a glove on the attempted coups’ capos and bosses.

    Garland says that he will follow the evidence up the ladder if that’s where it leads.

    The evidence released so far by the House Committee investigating the attempted coup clearly shows that traitor Trump and his minions including Meadows, the Republican Freedom Caucus, several Republican senators, Bannon, Stone, some in the Justice Department and in the military, and dozens of state legislators and governors were involved in planning, organizing, funding and participating in the attempted coup on January 6.

    Surly the Justice Department has the wherewithal to charge and then prosecute these Republican seditionists and traitors.

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