Running government like a business

Every new Republican politician thinks this is a great idea. It never works, and they never learn. Because the primary work of government is, first of all, compliance. They have a lot of regulations and laws to comply with, and you can’t just ignore them — at least, not until you buy enough seats on the Supreme Court.

One thought on “Running government like a business

  1. For at least 5 years the airline industry, airplane manufactures, and the federal government have known that AT&T and Verizon were going to switch on their $94 billion 5G network.

    During traitor Trumps 4-year administration nothing was done to correct any problems that might arise for the airline industry when the 5G system was rolled out.

    Nothing was done by the airline industry; nothing was done by the airplane manufacturing industry; and nothing was done by traitor Trump who was too busy taking bribes and planning how best to overthrow the government in a coup.

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