Must. Hit. Head. On. Wall.

And this is also why our journalism is so screwed up. When journalists are all highly educated elites, they honestly don’t even think about ordinary people:

One thought on “Must. Hit. Head. On. Wall.

  1. Speaking of the ignorant; who wants to invest in drilling new oil wells when the world is transitioning away from fossil fuels to renewable energy?

    The price of oil will continue to increase even with a static supply and declining demand.
    That’s not how “free markets” are supposed to work, but that’s how “Capitalist free markets” operate.

    When Republicans talk about the price of oil and gas, and who’s responsible for inflation, they’re lying, and they know that they’re lying.
    But because Republicans are fairly confident that the average American knows little or nothing about economics and world affairs, they feel that they can lie with impunity.

    Hopefully the misinformed and ignorant students attending the Wharton School of Business (Trumps alma mater) will get educated before they graduate, but we shouldn’t count on it.

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