Well, they did it

3 thoughts on “Well, they did it

  1. The Fascist Republican Party is doing everything in its power to trigger a civil war.

    The Alito-Thomas decision on abortion was leaked to the press by the anti-abortion side.
    The wife of Thomas?

    Relegating women to second-class status once again will create a wide schism in the country.
    Women have the right to own their own bodies just as men do.
    They also have a right to privacy according to the 1st, 3rd, 4th, 5th, 9th, and 14th Amendments.

    If the Alito-Thomas abortion decision is what the entire US Supreme Courts decides to adopt, it will open the way for Christian Fascists (NAZIS) to usher in theocratic governments in the several states.
    Particularly in the “Lost Cause” states.

    Chief Justice of the US Supreme Court Roger B. Taney was the man most responsible for causing the Civil War with his Dred Scott Decision.

    Will Chief Justice John Roberts sanction a second civil war?

  2. The hypocritical, lying, fascist motherf**kers are winning. Why are Dems such wimps? Why doesn’t someone cut Manchin’s balls off (metaphorically speaking, of course). Why did Dems (specifically Nancy) and “progressive” bloggers (specifically Digby for one) go along with the “Stupid (sic)”* Amendment to get Obama’s shitty healthcare reform passed (ok, covered 30M poor people, good on ya….but screwed many of the rest of us)?

    NO surprise. I have seen this coming for well over 20 years. The Dem strategy of allowing incremental restrictions to Roe in order to appear “moderate” has been monumentally stupid. I am furious. As of today I am sending all the contributions to progressive Dem campaigns I had planned to make to Planned Parenthood instead.

    Not sure what I’ll do in the next election. Maybe vote for Gus Hall and Angela Davis (see above) as I did in the 70’s, to avoid voting for limp wristed liberals.

    *Stupak Amendment. See, e.g., https://www.nytimes.com/interactive/projects/documents/the-stupak-amendment

    p.s. My contempt for the execrable, two-faced, hypocritical Susan Collins knows no bounds. Will the women of NH finally wake up, or will they chose to lie beneath the boots of the autocratic misogynists?

    SCOTUS is a joke. “The rule of law” is meaningless both internationally and domestically. All branches of government have finally made themselves irrelevant.

    I’m out.

  3. If any Democratic voter exits the Fascists win. Puke in your mouth and keep on trucking.

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