Their only goal is power

One thought on “Their only goal is power

  1. Fascist Evangelical Christian are Fascist Evangelical Christian.

    The Florida Department of Education is at it again.
    Last year the State Board of Education (Ester Byrd) passed a rule that placed restrictions on the way history can be taught only in public schools.
    (Don’t Say Gay and CRT is verboten.

    Now the board is mucking around with social-studies textbooks.
    “Potential social justice components” that are unacceptable include:

    “Seeking to eliminate ‘undeserved’ disadvantages for selected groups.”

    “Undeserved disadvantages are from ‘mere chance’ of birth and are factors beyond anyone’s control, thereby landing different groups in different conditions.”

    “‘Equality’ of treatment under the law is not a sufficient condition to achieve justice.”

    It’s all quite Hitleresque in the Fascist State of Florida.

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