48 hours

Ung thư buồng trứng

What a rollercoaster this week has been. First I got a call from my dear cousin, telling me she has ovarian cancer and was waiting for more test results. (This is the same cousin who previously had breast cancer and was my trusty guide through that new world.)

Last night I found out the tests showed no apparent spread from the single tumor. They’re taking it out tomorrow and hopefully all will go well, fingers crossed.

What I learned from my own recent trip to Cancer Land is that cancer now is very different from even 10 years ago. Many people are doing well, keeping cancer under control with indefinite oral chemotherapy. Yeah, chemo infusions still suck, but they get better all the time. And the research is coming up with some groundbreaking treatments.

So if you’re putting off seeing a doctor because you’re afraid you have cancer, don’t. The sooner you go in, the better your chances for a fairly normal life.