Memorial Day

American, Like Mississippi

On Memorial Day, we observe the deaths of soldiers because they died “for our freedom.” We should add an observance for all the people who died of gun violence because, at least according to the politicians, they also “died for our freedom.” (You know, the freedom to accept large cash donations from the gun lobby.)

I’ve said for years that people who live outside major cities have a very different perspective on guns. (As you’ve seen here from my friend Boohunney.) Here, they’re nothing but weapons of death and destruction. We don’t hunt deer on the streets of Philadelphia, we hunt human beings.

And of course, we have the inevitable reality of the people who die from stray bullets. At least once a month, someone dies here in their bedroom or while playing video games when a bullet blows through the brick walls of a house.

We have mass shootings almost every day. But for some reason, they don’t make the national news. Just another drive-by shooting, just another dispute between drug gangs.

And more funerals for young men who haven’t even graduated high school. It makes me so sad.

This is just the past few days. I probably missed some:

Man, 49, shot in the back and killed in North Philadelphia

Double shooting in Fairhill kills 1 man, injures 1 woman, officials say

Nine-Year-Old and His Father Killed in Drive-By Shooting in Philadelphia

Police: Triple shooting injures man and 2 teens in Logan

Multiple shootings kick-off violent Memorial Day weekend in Philadelphia

Police: Triple shooting leaves 2 teens critically injured in Penn’s Landing

4-year-old child wounded, hospitalized after West Philadelphia shooting

Man dead, 2 women injured in triple shooting in East Germantown, police say

Police: 1 man fatally shot and woman, 25, injured in Kensington double shooting


2 thoughts on “Memorial Day

  1. I grew up with guns, and in a rare example of good decision making, I left them all at my dad’s house in Eureka when I moved to Oakland in 1984.

  2. Republicans are saying that “Justin Trudeau is a Communist” because he’s trying to regulate handguns and military assault rifles in Canada.
    Republicans are going to go apoplectic when Gustavo Petro is elected president of Columbia on June 19.

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