One thought on “Don’t forget

  1. Clearly Griner’s arrest was connected to the war in Ukraine. Wrong place, wrong time.

    Putin now admits that it was a mistake to expand his war in the Ukraine because it gave Joe Biden, Boris Johnson and the rest of the warmongers an excuse to build up NATO on a massive scale.

    >NATO will increase its troop strength by 50% or 100,000 fighters.
    >20,000 of those new combat troops are being sent by Biden to join the 80,000 US combat troops already stationed in Europe.
    >Biden is building a new, permanent military headquarters which will be staffed by the US Army’s V Corp in Fascist Poland.
    >That base and the Army’s V Corp troops are a clear violation of a 1997 NATO/Russia Agreement.
    >And in another violation of the 1997 agreement Biden is stationing US combat units in Romania and the Baltic states.

    The warmongers argue that all of these and other belligerent moves by the West will act to strengthen its deterrents against future Russian incursions.

    Russia says that NATO’s moves are overly aggressive and threatened Russia’s security.

    Because of Joe Biden’s ‘old thinking’ and Boris Johnson’s nostalgia for a long-dead British Empire the world in now much closer to war than it was on February 23 and Brittny Griner is already paying a price.

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