Trip talk


Thanks, y’all, I had a lovely time with my grandkids.

Of course, since I seem to attract life’s complications, turned out the rental car did not have the GPS they told me it would, and in the unlit, dark environs of the Garden State Parkway, I missed my exit and ended up going about 40 miles out of my way — and got home an hour later than I expected. I’m still exhausted.

My grandson, who is on the autism spectrum, has a new fixation via his stepfather. He began yelling at his cousins, “I hate the Phillies! I hate them! Go, Mets!” But the cousins are older and they just laughed at him. (Fortunately, we have so many family members on the spectrum that no one gets singled out for it.)

I tried to explain to him that when it comes to sports, there are rules when family members back different teams and it’s important to remember that. But I don’t think I had more than 10% of his attention. Oh well.

The baby girl is beautiful and it was so great to finally hold her instead of looking at pictures. Thanks for your help in getting there.