GOP takes the House

Not every district is in, but it looks increasingly improbable for us at this point.

Obviously, I’d prefer to win, but I can live with that. Two years of them imploding into competing factions, Marge Greene endlessly in front of the TV cameras — and they won’t be able to do a fucking thing on legislation without making deals with Dems.

And in the meantime, because we control the Senate, we will confirm dozens of federal judges without having Republicans to slow us down. Watch what we get done.

Republicans trying to govern with a razor-thin edge? This will be the best possible campaign ad for Dems in 2024. Mark my words!


One thought on “GOP takes the House

  1. I think I can handle two more years of Margerine Tater Grease and her kind making goddamned fools out of themselves. In fact, I think it the best thing possible.

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