Theft bait

Wisconsin AG Josh Kaul is leading a coalition of 23 attorneys general across the country to urge the leaders of Kia and Hyundai to do more to stop thefts of some models. And it all started with TikTok videos that showed how easy they were to steal! Via

<blockquote>Kaul’s office notes that the makers of Kia and Hyundai decided to not include anti-theft immobilizers as standard equipment on several models sold in the U.S. Officials say the companies made this decision at a time when other major manufacturers were including anti-theft immobilizers on all models and as Kia and Hyundai themselves were using the immobilizers on different models of vehicles.

The AGs called a recent effort from Kia and Hyundai a “customer service campaign” and said it is long overdue and not enough. The AGs instead urge the companies to do everything in their power to improve the situation for owners of these vulnerable vehicles, including accelerating the implementation of a software update (to improve security) and providing free alternative protective measures.</blockquote>