One thought on “It doesn’t count if we do it

  1. Thanks for highlighting the “other 9/11,” the US backed overthrow of the democratically elected president of Chile, Salvador Allende. That coup took place in 1971 on September 11. Coincidence? Please. Karma’s a bitch.

    I was in Chile in 1976. Although my hair was long and in a ponytail, and I carried my belongings in a decrepit backpack, I was told later by friends that many students in the university I visited believed I was CIA. My Spanish was good, but many turned away and refused to talk with me.

    The Nixon/Kissinger inspired overthrow of the Chilean government, which was the most consistently democratic in Latin America to that point, and the subsequent support of Pinochet by Milton Friedman’s “Chicago boys,” divided Chile for the next fifty years. The coup resulted in the murder, torture and disappearance of tens of thousands of Chilean citizens by Pinochet, even as the Chicago boys fiddled with the economy.

    Click the link, read the article, and perhaps even buy the book. Also, please consider the extremes to which the US government has gone and is still going to project and protect its world hegemony under our hypocritical “democratic capitalist” mantra.

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