Another Villager rises through the ranks

Kristen Welker used to be on the Philadelphia ABC affiliate, and she was just awful. I mean, no worse than a lot of them, but just not good at her job. She sounded like a high school student trying to sound like a grownup, and she excelled at missing the obvious.

So when she moved up to the NYC flagship, I was surprised. And when she became a White House correspondent, I was even more surprised. But I kept hearing other journos saying how nice she is, and how much everyone likes her.

I can tell you as a journalist of 20 years’ experience, probably the last thing I’d want for my legacy is for people to say how nice I am. (I don’t think you could find many people, anyway. I did not suffer fools gladly. It was lonely at times, but I had a very clear vision of what journalism entailed and I did not bite my tongue.)

So when I found out Welker was one of the White House press correspondents who attended the private dinner the Trump campaign threw the night before the debate, I laughed. Because now it’s clear: She’s not really a journalist, she’s a PR hack. Congratulations on rising to your level of incompetence, Kristen!