Steve Bannon ordered messaging tested about Putin in 2014

Gee, I wonder why? I can’t wait until this traitorous piece of shit rots in prison:

Former Trump campaign manager and administration official Steve Bannon ordered Cambridge Analytica staff to test messaging around Russian president Vladimir Putin and Russian expansion in 2014, Cambridge Analytica whisteblower Christopher Wylie told House Democrats this week.

“It was the only foreign issue, or foreign leader, I should say, being tested at the time I was there,” Wylie told Democrats from the House Judiciary and Oversight committees, according to excerpts the lawmakers released today drawn from a Tuesday briefing with Wylie. Under Bannon’s instruction, the firm discussed Putin with focus groups and was “also testing images of Vladimir Putin and asking questions about Russian expansion in Eastern Europe,” Wylie said.

Did data meddling win the election?

Cambridge Analytica whistleblower Chris Wylie gave compelling testimony to UK MPs last week that he believes the EU referendum outcome could have been different “had there been no cheating”.

(I hope Americans are paying attention, because this should apply to Cambridge Analytica’s interference in the 2016 U.S. election, as well.)

Wyle made a persuasive analogy. “When you are caught in the Olympics doping, there is not a debate on how much illegal drug you took,” he said. “Or, ‘well, he probably would have come in first anyone,’ or ‘he only took half of the amount,’ or… it doesn’t matter. If you are caught cheating, you lose your medal.

“Because if we allow cheating in our democratic process, and we allow this amount, then what about next time, and what about the time after that? This is a breach of the law. This is cheating, and the thing that’s really important to understand here is that this is not some council race or a by-election.

“This is an irreversible change to the constitutional settlement of this country. First of all, that’s why it matters. And if you cheat on an exam, you get a fail. If you cheat on the Olympics, you lose your medal. You should not win by cheating, first point.”

Second point, he said, was that Dom Cummings, the campaign director of Vote Leave, said that AIQ, the Canadian company that developed the software used by Cambridge Analytical, won the election for them.

“They are incredibly effective,” he said. “I think it is completely reasonable to say there could have been a different outcome, had they not cheated.”

Why was Cambridge Analytica testing Trump slogans in 2014?

Inghilterra vuole indagare negli uffici di Cambridge Analytica

This was a fascinating look at Cambridge Analytica via former employee Christopher Wylie, who spoke at length with CNN’s Don Lemon last night. (Watch the full interview here.) He said very soon after he left, Alexander Nix was planning to meet with Corey Lewandowski, “before Trump announced he’s running and when they were still working for… Continue reading “Why was Cambridge Analytica testing Trump slogans in 2014?”

Cambridge Analytica, Part 2

This is even worse than the first part. Britain’s Channel 4 undercover expose:

An undercover investigation by Channel 4 News has revealed how Cambridge Analytica claims it ran key parts of the presidential campaign for Donald Trump.

The British data company was secretly filmed discussing coordination between Trump’s campaign and outside groups – an activity which is potentially illegal.

Executives claimed they “ran all the digital campaign, the television campaign and our data informed all the strategy” for President Trump.

In the third part of a Channel 4 News investigation into Cambridge Analytica, bosses also talked about:

  • The full scale of their pivotal work in Trump’s election win
  • How they avoid Congressional investigations into their foreign clients
  • Setting up proxy organisations to feed untraceable messages onto social media
  • Using a secret email system where messages self-destruct and leave no trace
  • Cambridge Analytica’s involvement in the “Defeat Crooked Hilary” brand of attack ads

Cambridge Analytica boss: ‘We could send some girls round to the candidate’s house…’

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