Steve Bannon ordered messaging tested about Putin in 2014

Gee, I wonder why? I can’t wait until this traitorous piece of shit rots in prison:

Former Trump campaign manager and administration official Steve Bannon ordered Cambridge Analytica staff to test messaging around Russian president Vladimir Putin and Russian expansion in 2014, Cambridge Analytica whisteblower Christopher Wylie told House Democrats this week.

“It was the only foreign issue, or foreign leader, I should say, being tested at the time I was there,” Wylie told Democrats from the House Judiciary and Oversight committees, according to excerpts the lawmakers released today drawn from a Tuesday briefing with Wylie. Under Bannon’s instruction, the firm discussed Putin with focus groups and was “also testing images of Vladimir Putin and asking questions about Russian expansion in Eastern Europe,” Wylie said.

One thought on “Steve Bannon ordered messaging tested about Putin in 2014

  1. What Bannon and Cambridge Analytica wanted to find was a message that would drive down (suppress) the vote of liberals and Leftists in the US.
    In other words the Republicans wanted the Left to stay home on election day.

    To a certain degree that’s what happened.
    But it wasn’t the Left who stayed home, they’re smarter then that, it was women who stayed home.

    Bannon is a terrorist. Like all terrorists he has no viable end-game (other then suicide). He’s like the little child in the sand box who throws all the sand and everybody’s stuff out onto the ground. Bannon just breaks shit because he’s crazy and he likes to.

    That’s why the Fascist oligarch Mercer’s loved him.

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