Season finale: Impeachment

Morning Joe’s Scarborough talked about Trump’s Twitter rants from Sunday, and saw them as a warning sign.

“I do wonder if there was any other description suggesting it’s Nixonian, that it appears at least to be — we appear to be on the eve of where Nixon was before he launched the Saturday night massacre,” Scarborough said, referring to Nixon firing top Justice Department officials. (Good times! Remember when Henry Kissinger had to talk the Joint Chiefs into calling off a nuclear attack on North Korea because Nixon was drunk?)

“I think we are. I don’t think that’s hyperbolic, when you have a president who is basically engaging the Justice Department at this level of political detail and calling on investigating his predecessors,” historian Jon Meacham said.

“One Nixonian element is both Nixon and Trump fixate on former opponents in a way that I think shapes what they do in deleterious ways, at least. Nixon justified the taping as FDR had done it, LBJ had done it. He was always obsessed with what President Kennedy had gotten away with, in his view. And remember, of course, it’s clearly true with President Trump with an obsession with Obama and Secretary Clinton.

“I can’t remember who said this first but somebody remarked they hoped Hillary Clinton watches Fox News because it’s the only place she’s president. I think that’s a true factor here. My own sense is the most — and this may sound kind of League of Women Voter-y but the most important political story in the country right now in many ways are those 435 House races,” Meacham said.

“I’ve been skeptical of this but i would bet a good bit of money this will end up in the house with some kind of impeachment proceeding, and the makeup of that body and ultimate partly the reaction of the United States Senate, which is supposed to be the great deliberative check and final hammer on these things, I think we’re going to end up — that’s going to be the season finale of this.”

Now PA Republicans want to impeach State Supreme Court Justices

You may have caught the news last week that EVEN SUPREME COURT JUSTICE SAM ALITO turned down the Pennsylvania GOP’s Hail Mary pass to block the new redistricting map. You probably missed this followup the next day. A dozen GOP Pennsylvania lawmakers filed legislation on Tuesday to impeach four Democratic state Supreme Court justices who ruled… Continue reading “Now PA Republicans want to impeach State Supreme Court Justices”

Toomey wants to impeach PA Supreme Court judges for overturning gerrymandered map

Sen. Toomey On Lagging Health Care Reform: ‘I Didn’t Expect Donald Trump To Win’

This piece of shit Republican pretty much admits members of his party can’t win unless they cheat:

Pennsylvania Sen. Pat Toomey (R) called for a “conversation” about impeaching state Supreme Court justices over their new congressional map, which both parties say will benefit Democrats.

At a press conference, Toomey said it was “inevitable” that state lawmakers would consider impeachment over the redrawing of the state’s new congressional maps, which he called a “power grab” by state Democrats.

“Look, I think it’s inevitable that that conversation’s going to take place,” Toomey said. “I think state House members and state senators are going to be speaking amongst themselves and their constituents, and the fundamental question is does this blatant, unconstitutional, partisan power grab that undermines our electoral process, does that rise to the level of impeachment?”

The new map released this week redraws congressional boundaries, throwing out a map written by Republicans that gerrymandered lines to benefit their party. Ten of the state’s 13 districts are now held by Republicans.

Republican lawmakers in Pennsylvania are expected to sue to overturn the new maps, which were put in place by the state’s Supreme Court after Democrats and Republicans in the state were unable to agree on a new map.

Here are the numbers where PA residents can call and let this ginger twat know what they think of his extreme views.

Support for impeachment is higher than approval ratings

Calls for Trump Impeachment for Trump Impeachment - Will trump be impeached? #impeached #DonaldTrump #trump #awakeposttruth #trumpgate Calls for Trump Impeachment - Will trump be impeached? http://buff.lylly every single poll tracking President Donald Trump’s approval rating showed the figure plummeting Monday morning, well below the margin of error compared to the rising level of support for impeachment, following his controversial decision to withdraw the United States from the global Paris Climate Accord and amid an ongoing investigation into his campaign’s possible ties… Continue reading “Support for impeachment is higher than approval ratings”