Now PA Republicans want to impeach State Supreme Court Justices

You may have caught the news last week that EVEN SUPREME COURT JUSTICE SAM ALITO turned down the Pennsylvania GOP’s Hail Mary pass to block the new redistricting map. You probably missed this followup the next day. A dozen GOP Pennsylvania lawmakers filed legislation on Tuesday to impeach four Democratic state Supreme Court justices who ruled…

2 thoughts on “Now PA Republicans want to impeach State Supreme Court Justices

  1. Are we having fun yet?

    Republicans are the enemy.

    It’s up to the Millennials to straighten this whole mess out.
    Especially Millennial women.
    In November.

    Boomers have drifted too far to the Right to be of much help anymore. Except to organize.

    So whoever’s Left-over from the wreckage of the ’60’s, it’s their duty to get out the Millennial vote.
    Especially the Millennial women’s vote.

  2. GOPers are authoritarians to the core. They don’t even recognize what’s wrong with stacking the judiciary with ideologues for their side who will not be impartial. When a judgement is made against their partisan hackery – it must automatically be their opponents who are the ideologues.

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