Donald Trump gets schooled fast for asking why Obama left so many judicial vacancies (VIDEO)

Trump has crossed a major mark as he tries to quietly cement a lasting legacy

Donald Trump thanked former President Barack Obama in a condescending fashion for leaving so many judicial posts and asked, “Why the hell did he leave that?” The former reality show star seems totally unaware that his party blocked confirmations during the Obama administration. Continue reading “Donald Trump gets schooled fast for asking why Obama left so many judicial vacancies (VIDEO)”

Obama to speak out if Trump ends DACA

Barack Obama Gives Trump Presidential Tips in Parting Letter

Former President Barack Obama is said to be considering speaking out against Donald Trump’s alleged plan to scrap the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals program (DACA). The president will reportedly announce on Tuesday a plan to end the Obama-era program within the next six months, a move those close to Obama say the former president will… Continue reading “Obama to speak out if Trump ends DACA”

The grand bargain

Barack Obama Warns Air Force Graduates Not To Succumb To Isolationism

Told ya:

President Obama’s decision to join Bernie Sanders, Hillary Clinton, and Elizabeth Warren in calling for expansion of Social Security is a big win for the left wing of the Democratic Party. Liberal Democrats and their allies in the labor union movement put this idea on the table several years ago to try to kill off enthusiasm from centrist Democrats for reducing Social Security benefits. Their strategy worked.

But in addition to a tactical win for the left, Obama’s turnabout on Social Security is the result of a cycle of tactical ineptitude on the part of the American conservative movement.

Five years ago, conservatives had the opportunity to get a Democratic president to sign legislation that would have substantially cut entitlement spending. In exchange, they were asked to agree that high-income Americans should pay higher taxes. They refused, thinking in part that preventing Obama from scoring a bipartisan achievement would make him easier to beat in 2012.

Obama was reelected anyway. Taxes on high-income households went up anyway. And now the politics of entitlement spending have shifted drastically to the left. The Republican Party’s 2016 nominee says he opposes cuts in Social Security benefits, and mainstream Democrats have flipped away from Obama’s openness to cuts to the position that benefits should be enhanced.