Talking with voters, walking with CEOs

What will it mean to American voters that Barack Obama has signed into law three trade deals that will destroy up to 159,000 American jobs at approximately the same time he promised to get serious about job creation at home? More here.

5 thoughts on “Talking with voters, walking with CEOs

  1. What it will mean is that for those who DO vote there will be a choice between “Twiddle-Dee-Dee” and “Twiddle-Dee-Dum”. Personally, I think I’ll hold my nose, cover my eyes, and make a quikpick, like in the lottery; what real difference will it make?

  2. Consider a third party — and also consider that Obama as presdident seems to completely neuter any liberal/lefty tendencies in Congressional Dems. They have to support Dear Leader — or be seen to support Dear Leader.

  3. Altho’ if the R candidate shows tendencies to actions more to the left than Obama…? That could be really interesting.

    Not likely, but, wow, interesting.

  4. Obama needs to remain in office because he’s cooked. The focus in 2012 should be the elimination of every Republican office holder in sight. By voting them out of office of course.

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