Uh oh. Scott’s in trouble…

Leaks Show EPA Staffers Actively Discussing Undermining Pruitt

Sounds like the White House is getting ready to cut Scott Pruitt loose:

White House officials are cautioning Republican lawmakers and other conservative allies to temper their defense of Scott Pruitt, according to two people familiar with the discussions, in a sign that administration support for the embattled EPA chief may be waning.

The warnings come as several top GOP lawmakers have stepped forward to publicly criticize Pruitt in recent days, marking a dramatic turn of fortune for one of the most conservative members of President Donald Trump’s cabinet who has been heralded for dismantling Obama-era regulations.

Republicans are now sharpening their criticisms about Pruitt amid a revelation that he met at least once with the lobbyist whose wife rented him a bedroom on Capitol Hill.

But don’t worry, Republicans! Andrew Wheeler, his newly-appointed No. 2, is just as indifferent to the fate of the earth as Pruitt was!

One thought on “Uh oh. Scott’s in trouble…

  1. Pruitt’s sin was not that he’s a sick, corrupt human being.
    His sin, in Trump’s eyes, was that he drew attention to himself and to what he was doing at the EPA to destroy the agency, our climate, and paving the way for the oil and coal industry to reap windfall profits.

    Now that an even worse human being, Andrew Wheeler, has been approved (with Democratic help) as the number two man at the EPA, Trump feels free to get rid of Pruitt the liability.

    Wheeler believes that global warming is a hoax created by the Chinese to destroy American business. Just what Trump believes.
    Wheeler also believes that gay’s lie with animals and that Blacks are mud people.

    Republicans are the enemy.

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